Caleb Litster

"I am so very grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn, present, and discuss real issues with real people who are making real change! It has been a struggle to get to this point, but that struggle has culminated in something real and something powerful. I never anticipated such an opportunity."    

Jackson S. @ Mustard Seed Farm.jpg

Jackson Sullivan

"Throughout the process of completing these projects, I have realized that even when I think I should quit and give up, I now know that I can push through the stress and conquer my anxiety."

Mattie @ ISU Research Farm.jpg

Mattie Kupfer

"Being inquisitive and adaptive came in handy. I had to exercise those qualities more than I ever had to do in a traditional classroom setting. Project-based learning forced me to become a leader when the task was ours for the making. I've grown and learned more of value in a year than in three years of standard science classes."